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State College, PA

This project was a partnership with Metcalfe Architecture & Design. We were tasked by the State College Area School District (SCASD) to develop a master plan for all 11 of its elementary and middle school playgrounds across the District.

Our role was to assess the existing playground equipment, perform safety audits, do observational studies of play behavior, and advise on the ultimate design of the play areas as part of the master plan recommendations, with a focus on nature play.

Our play report began with an overview of nature play, why it is important, and what nature play elements currently exist within the District. It then provided an overview of each of the 11 sites, with photographs, illustrative plans that showed existing play features and elements, play potentials, safety and accessibility issues. 


11 Elementary and Middle Schools


State College Area School District


Metcalfe Architecture + Design


Completed Summer 2019

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