"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw



Founder and Executive Director

Meghan believes that play environments in the United States can, and should, be better.

She has degrees in architecture and landscape architecture, almost 20 years of experience in the design field, is a licensed landscape architect, and a certified playground safety inspector. Her research focuses on how the design of play environments impacts physical health and social behavior of children and caregivers.

She has presented at TEDx Philadelphia, ASLA, AIA, IPA, the US Play Coalition, and Child in the City. She was a winner in the 2016 international Play Space design competition, a winner in the 2016 Kaboom Play Everywhere Challenge, and a finalist for two projects in the 2015 Knight Cities Challenge.

She is a member of the steering committee for the US Play Coalition and a member of the board for Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse.



Emily is motivated by the way the design of public space can affect the physical, social, and emotional well-being of all people. She has had architecture and planning roles in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, in the US and abroad. She also has vast experience in childcare, working or volunteering at schools and daycare centers.

Through her professional and educational experiences, Emily has worked on design projects at a multitude of scales, from district plans to art installations. Her focus on design through a planning lens helps her see site-specific projects in the context of large-scale neighborhoods and systems.

Emily’s background in design, research, community engagement, and childcare gives her a unique approach to play space design. Working in the ADA office with the City of Pittsburgh also provided an in depth understanding of how to design spaces for people of all ages and abilities.



Esther sees play as a vehicle to address and mirror the social and cultural landscapes of America today. Her research, “Wonder Outside and Between Pages”, explores landscapes that have inspired children’s literature, receiving a Student Merit Award from NJASLA as well as an art installation in the Rutgers Art Library. She believes that children’s books, films, and another digital media have the potential to inspire innovative landscape designs today.

Esther attributes her love for parks and public play spaces to her upbringing in Europe and continues to bring that multicultural lens to the studio. She is also passionate about environmental justice advocacy and community service, leading events and curating cultural donation packages at her local library.

Prior to Studio Ludo, Esther worked as a designer in New York City on a variety of urban landscapes including affordable housing and school play environments. She graduated with a Bachelors in Landscape Architecture and Biology minor from Rutgers University in 2018.



Krithika believes that play is essential for a community’s health and open-ended play can bring joy to all. Prior to joining the team, she collaborated with Studio Ludo for a short-term community build project in Philadelphia that inspired her to continue designing spaces that encourage inclusive and immersive play.

She has worked on a variety of projects ranging from playgrounds, exploratory outdoor classrooms and redefining prison environments to support the well-being of correctional staff and offenders. She contributed to the 2018 ASLA Student Community Service Award winning project, Children’s Garden: Strengthening Mother-Child Relationships Within Prison Walls.

Krithika received her Bachelor in Landscape Architecture from Iowa state University in 2018 and Master of Urban Design from Clemson University in 2019. She has experience with environmental justice, community engagement and research interest in public spaces of resilience.


Advocacy Program Manager

Tiffany is passionate about all children being able to play in their own way. Prior to joining Studio Ludo, Tiffany worked in various roles at Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse.

While at Smith in 2018, she worked on the Informal Learning Initiative, a play based program for caregivers and their children to experience creative play and discovery geared toward developing everyday literacy skills.

In 2019, she partnered with OIC Philly and Branch Brother’s Foundation to host a stuffed backpack giveaway. They were able to give away 550 backpacks stuffed with school supplies to community members in North Philadelphia.

She also created ‘Happy Noon Day’ a free New Year's Eve event that occurs annually at Smith. 'Happy Noon Day' is a day for kids to create crafts and countdown at noon with a balloon release at the famous Ann Newman Giant Wooden Slide!


Office Cat

Arashi is a paw-some playmate who pounced her way into the Studio Ludo family after a stormy night in the streets of West Philadelphia. She is serious about play time, relaxation, and makes sure that her humans are the source of her fun.

Arashi’s background inspires her interest in stormwater management and water play, with a passion for any space that considers the comfort of her caregivers. Her presence in the office brings out the playfulness and creativity of all who interact with her, especially if you’re the one that gets to fill up her food bowl.