Philadelphia, PA

This year, 3 branches of the Free Library (Cecil B. Moore, Whitman and Wyoming) will be getting indoor play spaces.

The design at each branch is centered around a set of tangram blocks that are large enough to build with and act as moveable seats. At Cecil B. Moore, a spelling climbing wall is the focus of the space, along with a stage box with magnetic panels for spelling and word poetry, and two bookshelves with puzzle nooks for reading and filling with blocks.

Whitman has a large tower as the focus, with letters cutout of the sides, and internal climbing to a lookout. It also has bookshelves with puzzle nooks and magnetic panels.

Wyoming is centered around a large stage with magnetic panels, for readalouds, concerts, and games. At one end is tiered seating leading to a homework station for after school kids. A bookshelf with a puzzle nook completes the space.


This project is a partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia, Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse, DIGSAU, Erector Sets, and the Temple Infant and Child Lab.


Construction is complete for Cecil B Moore. Construction for Whitman and Wyoming will be complete summer 2018.