Kaboom Play Everywhere Challenge

Philadelphia, pa

The project on the left is the "Play Parklet", a winner in the Kaboom Play Everywhere Challenge. 

The Park Playlet offers a rare eddy in the stream of city living for peaceful moments, exploration, discovery, and for savoring the opportunity to be outdoors together. The project builds off of the already successful dining parklet program in the University City neighborhood of Philadelphia. The design features a base that is filled with a carpet of native meadow plants (except for a small sandbox area). The edge of the base that faces the street has slots to receive rainwater, which will be filtered by the meadow, and redirected from the sewer. On top of the meadow is a rolling hammock space for lounging for older kids and caregivers, and opportunities for younger children to play.

The project on the right is the "Sa(l)vage Play: Here There Be Monsters", a finalist in the Kaboom Play Everywhere Challenge.  

The Sa(l)vage Play Project envisions giant playable monsters, built out of salvaged construction waste, roaming the empty lots of Philadelphia. They would be constructed as part of Sa(l)vage Play Days, design/build events with local kids and families that teach skills and lessons needed to transform vacant lots full of trash into safe places for play.


The "Play Parklet" project was a partnership with Roofmeadow, University City District, Office of Transportation and Infrastructure System, and the Philadelphia Streets Department. 

The "Sa(l)vage Play: Here There Be Monsters" project was a partnership with RAIR, Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse, and the New Kensington Community Development Corporation.


These projects were a visioning exercise and will not be constructed.


These projects were featured by City Lab.